Video: Evangelist Rodney Stewart “Chastened” with One Year in Prison

Evangelist Rodney StewartVideo after the jump.

Nabbed in an online sting and charged with “importuning, possession of criminal tools and disseminating materials harmful to a juvenile,” 44-year-old traveling evangelist and pastor (Broadview Heights Baptist Church, Broadview Heights, Ohio) Rodney Stewart won’t be doing any traveling for a while; he was sentenced on December 2 to a year in the prison, after which he’ll be on probation — and on the sex offender registry. He pleaded guilty in late November.

Stewart thought he was chatting online with 15-year-old girl and her 36-year-old mother, when he engaged in “sexual, very sexual conversations” and sent a photo of his privates to Franklin County sheriff’s deputies. (It was not lost on Assistant D.A. Frankie Goldberg that Stewart has a daughter who is just 18.)

At his sentencing, Stewart berated himself for his own “wickedness,” and “was thankful that God in his love has chastened” him.

We’re just thankful that justice in its wisdom is going to keep this pervy preacher locked up for a while.



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One Response to “Video: Evangelist Rodney Stewart “Chastened” with One Year in Prison”

  • mr. mike says:

    So I’m guessing that the church will collapse when Pastor Pee-Pee hits the slammer, because the pastor of a Baptist church is the keystone of the operation.

    These clods never learn….