Black Collar Crime Round-Up: February 2, 2011

Dino Cardelli • Donny Ray Horton, Jr. • David Love
David Morrison • David Kent Pierce

Because we could spend 24/7 tracking the sins of right-wing religionists (especially “youth pastors”) and never get caught up. Of the following, the more interesting cases will probably end up with their very own Conservative Babylon entries. (And, no, we didn’t plan this to be an “First-Names-Are-All-D’s Edition.”)

Dino CardelliHearing waived: Dino Cardelli, 49, anti-gay founder & former senior pastor, Calvary Chapel of Arcata, California, charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse against two minor girls, including one of his own adopted daughters. Since Cardelli’s re-arrest for violating a court order to refrain from contact with one of his two alleged victims, his son turned over Cardelli’s laptop computer to the District Attorney, as well as social-networking information that appears to confirm Cardelli’s prohibited contact with the alleged victim via Facebook. Cardelli’s arraignment is scheduled for February 14, 2011. Story: Conservative Babylon, September 16, 2010; Conservative Babylon, November 2, 2010; Conservative Babylon, January 14, 2011

Donny Ray HortonSentenced: Donny Ray Horton, Jr., 46, ordained minister and church-pew salesman, of Hoschton, Georgia, to five years in prison “on two counts of arson and one count of mail fraud. The judge ordered him to pay $340,629 in restitution, and to forfeit $78,769 to the government as proceeds of illegal activity.” Horton “pleaded guilty to the arsons and mail fraud in September. ‘Prison is well deserved in this case, where twice this defendant set fire to a place of worship to try to cover his initial crime of defrauding the church of $78,769,’ [U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance] said. … Horton fraudulently took $78,769 from Gardendale First Baptist Church as a deposit for seating in the sanctuary it was building, then twice set fire to the building to delay installation of the 2,600 seats he never ordered. Horton falsely represented to the church that he had placed the order with Ohio-based Sauder Manufacturing. That misrepresentation caused the church to send the deposit payment by express delivery to Horton’s home address in Georgia, where he received and later spent the money. As an independent representative of Sauder Manufacturing, Horton had secured the church’s sanctuary seating order in March 2009, but never forwarded it to the manufacturer. To delay the scheduled seating installation in early April 2010, he traveled from Georgia on April 3, 2010, and set fire to the sanctuary, causing about $110,234 in damage.” Story: Department of Justice, press release, January 27, 2011; Birmingham News, January 27, 2011

David LoveTrial date set: David Love, 50, former pastor, New Hope Baptist Church, Independence, Missouri, to the first-degree murder of Randy Stone, church member & husband of Love’s mistress, for December 5, 2011. Story: Conservative Babylon, November 15, 2010; Conservative Babylon, December 22, 2010; Conservative Babylon, December 28, 2010; Conservative Babylon, January 10, 2011; Kansas City Star, January 26, 2011

United KingdomSentenced: David Morrison, 41, pastor, Word Life Centre, Newtown, Birmingham, England, to 15 months after pleading guilty to “providing false representation in immigration cases” and “perverting the course of justice.” Morrison, reports Zimdiaspora, was arrested last April by U.K. immigration officers “acting on intelligence that Morrison had provided false bank statements and letters to Immigration Tribunals on behalf of foreign nationals who had appealed against decisions to remove them from the UK or to refuse them visas to come to the UK. The majority of these appeals were rejected.” Story: Zimdiaspora, February 3, 2011

David Kent PierceParole delayed: David Kent Pierce, 57, former music minister, First Baptist Church, Benton, Arkansas, convicted of four felony counts of sexual indecency with a child and sentenced to ten years in prison. The Saline Courier reports that the parole board “is deferring potential parole for Pierce until he completes the Reduction of Sexual Victimization Program for sex offenders … [A]ccording to the Risk Assessment and Offender Profile Report,” Pierce fits the designation of Level 3 sex offender “because he is a repeat sexual offender with a strong antisocial, predatory personality.” Story: Conservative Babylon, September 5, 2009; Conservative Babylon, October 2, 2009; Saline Courier, February 2, 2011


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