Dear Mormon Church: The FTC Wants Jeremy Johnson’s Tithing Back

Jeremy JohnsonJeremy Johnson is a 36-year-old St. George, Utah, multimillionaire Mormon “priest,” accused by a court-appointed temporary receiver of “hiding more than $50 million via a network of shell companies in order to hide assets from federal authorities,” per the St. George Daily Spectrum, which also says Johnson admits “the receiver is trying to get back tithing Johnson paid to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

A January, 2011, FTC news release summarizes the initial complaint and actions taken against Johnson: “At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal court has frozen the assets of … 61 corporations (collectively known as ‘I Works’) and their alleged ringleader, Jeremy Johnson. …

“In December 2010, the FTC alleged that I Works lured consumers into ‘trial’ memberships for bogus government-grant and money-making schemes, and then repeatedly charged monthly fees for these and other memberships the consumers never ordered. …

“The FTC’s complaint alleges that this scheme has caused more than 500,000 consumers to seek chargebacks — reversals of charges to their credit cards or debits to their bank accounts. …”

In a March, 2011, speech to the Consumer Federation of America, U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill described Johnson’s activities as: “a massive Internet-based marketing ring that targeted consumers who were desperate for cash,” adding: “All the while, Johnson led a life of luxury. In addition to a garage full of expensive cars, Johnson had six helicopters, three airplanes, several high-end properties — including an extravagant 22,000 square foot home that cost $8 million to build — and a taste for high-stakes gambling, online and in Las Vegas.”

In June, 2011, also reported that, according to the FBI, Johnson may have been “among a dozen men involved in holding hostage a man who apparently owed Johnson money.”

In January, 2012, Johnson was ordered to disable a website ( set up to apparently undermine the reputation of and “attempting to interfere with” the receiver attempting to reclaim Johnson’s ill-gotten gains, Robb Evans & Associates LLC. Prevented (as “a fiduciary and an arm of the Court”) from bringing legal action against Johnson, Robb Evans filed an emergency motion to disable the website, stating that it “makes venomous and unsupported statements” and “false allegations concerning ‘mass fraud and corruption by Robb Evans and Associates,” and noting “a pattern by Johnson … of using improper e-mail addresses designed to impersonate and/or interfere with the Receiver … and others associated with the case … as well as creating inflammatory websites devoted to personal attacks on the Receiver and others… The most recent version of the Improper Website asserts that Robb Evans & Associates are ‘Thieves, Lairs [sic] & Crooks.’”

Arrested in June, 2011, in Phoenix (“carrying more than $26,000 in cash and a one-way plane ticket to Costa Rica,” per BusinessWeek), and later freed on bond, Johnson is currently facing one count of mail fraud; if convicted, he could be sentenced to prison for 20 years.

Full story:

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