A Credit to Their Christian School and Christian Homes

Charles Anthony Horton and Joshua Grey CarneyLet’s see what Athens Christian School in Athens, Georgia, is all about:

Athens Christian School is an extension of the Christian home. The purpose of ACS is to provide a quality education in a Christian atmosphere. Biblical truths are integrated into the academic content at all grade levels and are the basis for all that is taught. Bible classes are taught daily, with weekly Chapel services integrated as well. The administration and faculty of Athens Christian School challenge students to do their best in their studies while taking time needed for individual counsel and instruction. We seek to provide boundaries, inspiration and instruction for our students that are Biblically consistent academically challenging.

Well, something seems to have gone wrong with ‘the Christian home,” or with its “extension,” or with both:

Athens, GA, Patch reports: “Charles Anthony Horton, 18, Twin Creek Road, Winterville, and Josh Carney, 17, Township Lane, a member of the 2012 class at Athens Christian School, were arrested for the aggravated assault of an 11-year old child on March 4. The victim was shot with a BB gun as she walked down Cedar Shoals Dr. Both were charged with one count Aggravated Assault. The investigation continues and other charges are pending. An officer responded to the area of Martin Luther King, Jr., Parkway and College Avenue to a complaint of a female walking around with blood on her.”

But, wait! There’s more! Online Athens is calling the incident just one in “a series of BB-gun shootings on Athens’ Eastside that injured two pedestrians and shattered windows of moving cars.”

Well, if they get expelled from Athens Christian School, they’ll probably fit right in at St. John’s Military.

But, seriously, folks… One of us here at ConBab HQ was shot in a similar manner, peppered by a slingshot full of buckshot by a couple of boys who thought it would be funny to shoot at the first kid riding past on a bike. The result was a pattern of deeply painful, angry welts on a kid who was very lucky not to have been blinded. That kid should have gone to the cops — and those boys should have ended up in a “Scared Straight” program.


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