Black Collar Crime Round-Up: April 10, 2012

Duluem Amakaeze • Samson Aumae • Kathleen Galoch • George Lord
George Smith • Louis Spadaccini • Two Haredi men, Jerusalem

NigeriaArrested: Duluem Amakaeze, son of the late M.N. Amakeze, founder of Community of Yahweh Worldwide (formerly Holy Sabbath of Christ the King Mission International), a Messianic Jewish sect in Nigeria, on suspicion of arson after a fire at the church’s Nnobi, Anambra, headquarters. Since the death of its founder, the church has been at the center of a battle for power between Duluem Amakaeze and his older brother, Chidiebele Amakaeze; the latter has been accused by the founder’s widow of “constant harassment by her son and his collaborators who have seized her husband’s church and property,” and of “dispossessing her of most of her property, which she had acquired along with her husband,” as well as excommunicating “her and another son, Chukwuduluem,” and forging “an irrevocable power of attorney, purporting that he is the owner of the properties,” according to an article in the Nigerian Compass. She has appealed to Nigerian First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan for help. Story: Nigerian Compass (cache), December 29, 2011;, December 29, 2011; All Africa, April 7, 2012; Vanguard, April 7, 2012

Solomon IslandsSentenced: Samson Aumae, 37, former headmaster, Mercy Christian School, Honiara, Solomon Islands, to one year in prison after pleading guilty to embezzling some SI$38,000 (about US$5,624) by forging checks from the school’s bank account. Story: Solomon Star News, April 9, 2012

Kathleen GalochDiversion program OK’d: Kathleen Galoch, 63, former parish business manager & bookkeeper, St. Theodore Catholic Church, Westland. Michigan, charged with felony embezzlement of more than $13,000 from the church, although a total of some $143,000 was reported missing. Galoch’s record will be expunged if she completes restitution payments within the next 120 days; she has already repaid about $4,000. According to, “The audit prepared by the Archdiocese of Detroit showed checks written to pay mobile home rental fees, utilities and other expenses for Galoch’s adult son, James E. Galoch, and wages for her husband, James J. Galoch. Both men had done maintenance-type work at the parish. Personal bills were also paid for Galoch’s former daughter in-law, Shannon, who still works for the parish.” The site also reports one parishioner’s reaction to the diversion order: “People are furious. About 16 of us went to court. We were so surprised we could have fallen out of our seats.” Story: Archdiocese of Detroit, December 29, 2011;, April 8, 2012

George LordSentenced: George Lord, 79, former Tory leader, Worcestershire County Council, and church minister, to four years after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a teenager in the 1970s. This is Lord’s second conviction for sexual assault of a young woman. Story: Conservative Babylon, March 8, 2012; NewsToday, April 7, 2012

George SmithNew charges: George Smith, defrocked Roman Catholic priest formerly of St. Malachy’s Church, Kinkora, Prince Edward Island, already facing 62 charges of sexual abuse allegedly committed against nine victims in Newfoundland. Story: CBC, February 23, 2012; CBC, April 9, 2012

Louis SpadacciniJury trial sought: Louis Spadaccini, 37, baseball coach (one-time Catholic League Coach of the Year), Ss. John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School, South Philadelphia, and court crier, Court of Common Pleas, arrested twice in two days in the fall of 2011 after allegedly abusing two boys, one 13 and one 14. In the first case, Spadaccini was charged with simple assault, corrupting the morals of a minor, furnishing alcohol to a minor, child endangerment, interference with the custody of a child, luring a child, and distributing narcotics after allegedly taking the 14-year-old to a Holiday Inn, and making the youth “very intoxicated” with beer and a screwdriver spiked with Xanax. In the case of the 13-year-old, Spadaccini is accused of carrying out the same scenario, as well as sexually molesting the boy in the hotel and in his own home. A trial date has not been set. Story: NBC Philadelphia, September 21, 2011;, September 22, 2011;, April 9, 2012

IsraelArrested: Two Haredi men who allegedly hired two teenage boys to force segregation of male and female passengers on a Jerusalem bus. “The two teenagers, secular Jewish youths aged 16 and 17, were alleged to have stood near a bus stop and called through a megaphone for women to board buses through the back door. Police initially suspected they were hired by haredi (ultra-Orthodox) extremists,” reports the Jerusalem Post, which notes: “While enforced gender segregation is not legal in Israel and haredi bus lines are technically segregated on a voluntary basis, the practice has come under fire over coercion that takes place.” In December, reported Haaretz, “a female Israel Defense Forces soldier reported being accosted by a Haredi man on Wednesday over her refusal to move to the back of a segregated bus in Jerusalem … threatening her, and calling her ‘prostitute.’ … According to the IDF soldier, the man was soon joined by other religious men in the bus, who proceeded to yell out ‘prostitute,’ and ‘Shikse’ (gentile woman).” Story: Haaretz, October 27, 2009; Haaretz, December 28, 2011; Jerusalem Post, April 9, 2012. See also: Daily Beast, January 2, 2012


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