Jason “JT” Ready: Mormon Republican Neo-Nazi Mass Murderer… And Dead Candidate for Pinal County Sheriff (P.S. And How Did Russell Pearce Sleep Last Night?)

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As if Arizona isn’t the scariest state in the nation these days (and it is)… On Wednesday afternoon in Gilbert, another whack-job “patriot” apparently slaughtered four other people — his own girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, Mederos’s daughter Amber, Amber’s boyfriend Jim “Jambob” Hiott, and Amber’s one-year-old baby girl — before taking the coward’s way out.

Why, you ask? Nobody knows yet. All we know is that the newest permanent denizen of the Seventh Circle of Hell is a thing that was called JT Ready.

Our good friends at the SPLC profiled Ready in 2009:

A member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as well as the founder of the prominent, Arizona-based nativist extremist organization Americans First, Jason “J.T.” Ready advocates deadly force to stop Mexicans from crossing the U.S. border illegally. “I firmly believe in having a minefield across the border,” he says in a widely distributed video. “This is 100% effective.”

The past president of the Mesa Community College Republican Club and current Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman, Ready is deeply involved in mainstream conservative politics. He’s also an outright neo-Nazi. Ready spoke at a rally put on by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement in Omaha, Neb., last September (where he was billed as an “Arizona Republican activist”) and appeared at the neo-Nazi National Vanguard’s “Winterfest” gathering in Phoenix last December. He regularly posts to white nationalist online forums, including NewSaxon, where last December he offered this charming observation on the root causes of illegal immigration: “The truth is that negroids screw monkeys and rape babies in afreaka [sic]. Then stupid white man who licks kosher jew rear lets negroids in. … Stop Negroid immigration and integration now!!! Nature will take care of the rest.”

In 2006, Ready ran for Mesa City Council. He made headlines that March when he fired a pistol at a Latino man armed with a BB gun. Later, his campaign derailed when, shortly after Ready volunteered to act as master of ceremonies at the Mesa Veteran’s Day parade, it came to light that Ready had been court-martialed and drummed out of the Marines.

Despite this embarrassment, Ready informed the Intelligence Report he plans to run for office again — even though he fears assassination. …

JT Ready for Sheriff Facebook comments
Above: Just a few of the many disturbing comments to the “JT Ready for Sheriff” Facebook page in the wake of the slaughter. (Yes, the crazies were outnumbered by saner heads.) User names redacted to protect the undeserving; individual words redacted because we don’t use that kind of language (but you can be sure it was all stunningly racist).

The only good news in this story: He’s dead.

Of course, his comrades-in-arms are framing his death a wee bit differently. A Facebook page, “JT Ready for Sheriff,” bears the message: “Reports are unconfirmed that a cartel assassination squad murdered JT Ready and several of his friends and family this afternoon in Gilbert Arizona. This page’s admin will keep you updated of the situation as soon as possible.”

Uhhh… Sure.

This creepy message follows a few other creepy messages, pre-slaughter, such as: “Enemies to American peace and prosperity have been aligning themselves together for decades now, it is time we stand up and do the same.,” and “Under my command expert trackers and a LRRP- Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol unit, will also be deployed in incidences [sic] like this to track down the cartel members who may be armed and dangerous and are an imminent threat to public safety.”

Afterwards, as you can see from the screencap at right, the racists came out of the woodwork… and one defender even claimed that Ready was running for sheriff as a Democrat, so he couldn’t possibly have been the right-winger everybody was making him out to be.

Uhhh… Right.

Of course, Ready — no Rhodes scholar himself — attracted followers with, to put it generously, a mean education level right in line with their advanced writing skills.

Incidentally, whoever is/was writing as “JT Ready for Sheriff” on Facebook posted this in January: “‘If any anarchists lie down in front of my automobile, it will be the last automobile they ever lie down in front of’ -Democrat George Wallace. I concur.” When George Wallace made that threat in 1968, he was not a Democrat, but a third-party candidate — for the American Independent Party, now also known as the Constitution Party, the extremist-fringe, secessionist bunch to which Todd Palin once pledged allegiance… and which Sarah Palin wishes you would forget all about. (Another AIP presidential candidate was John G. Schmitz, father of Mary Kay LeTourneau [!], and such a nutjob, he was too extreme even for the John Birch Society.)

But, wait! There’s more! In yet another P.R. disaster for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints… JT Ready was a Mormon.

But, wait! There’s more! And we couldn’t deliver the ironic news half as well as Stephen Lemons did in 2010 with this teaser of a headline: “When Valley Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready Converted to Mormonism, Guess Which Prominent Politico Ordained Him an ‘Elder’.”

The answer: Russell Pearce, Arizona State Senator and all-around not-very-nice man.

“[I]t is Russell Pearce,” wrote Nasty Jack in March of 2012, “that has most helped Arizona assume the reputation of a racist and bigoted state through his long time suppression of illegal immigrants, culminating in the anti-immigrant legislation, SB-1070. Pearce’s prejudiced views are well known, fostered in part by his past association and friendship with known racist and neo-Nazi J.T. Ready. In another example:

“Pearce sent an email to supporters once that included a white nationalist declaration, accusing the media of pushing the view, quote, ‘a world in which every voice proclaims the equality of the races, the inerrant nature of the Jewish, quote, ‘Holocaust’ tale, the wickedness of attempting to halt the flood of nonwhite aliens pouring across the borders.’”

(Nasty Jack also mentions how Stephen Lemons “caught Pearce, a Mormon, in an outright lie in reference to the Mormon Church’s attitude toward his anti-immigration bill.” He certainly did.)

The SPLC included Pearce in its 2011 article profiling “a dozen of State Legislators for Legal Immigration’s more outspoken members — men and women … whose radicalism gives a sense of just how far from the mainstream the group’s goals really are” — “The Legislators: The Dirty Dozen”:

If there were a Hall of Fame for immigrant-hating legislators, Russell Pearce, the new president of the Arizona State Senate, would be unanimously voted in. The author of dozens of anti-immigrant bills over the last decade, Pearce is obsessed with the issue. “I will not back off until we solve the problem of this illegal invasion,” the state senator said in 2008. “Invaders, that’s what they are.” …

Pearce is known for a mean streak a mile wide. In a divorce filing (the pair have since reconciled), his wife said he has “a violent temper, and has from time to time hit and shoved” her. She said Pearce once “grabbed [her] by the throat and threw her down.” Last year, when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, facing a budget crisis, refused to appropriate monies for people needing organ transplants, Pearce told ABC News, “Most of those will die anyway.”

This past January, following the mass shooting in Tucson in which Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was severely wounded and six others were killed, the Arizona House adjourned for two days of mourning. But the Senate, at Pearce’s direction, stayed open for business. …

In 2006, Pearce made news by forwarding to his friends an article written by the neo-Nazi National Alliance that contained virulently racist and anti-Semitic material. … Pearce has supported politically and been photographed with his arm around J.T. Ready, one of Arizona’s leading neo-Nazis. … The Phoenix New Times reported that Pearce even ordained Ready as an elder in the Mormon Church, an action typically reserved for family members. …

[Pearce] … has falsely claimed that “illegal aliens kill more people on an annual basis than we probably lost in the Iraq war to date.” … Pearce also helped lead the charge to pass what amounted to an ethnic studies ban in public schools, claiming that teaching Indian or Mexican history is anti-Anglo. … He also singled out a book used in many ethnic studies programs, the winner of the Gustavus Myers Award for Outstanding Book on Race Relations in North America, and said it amounted to “sedition.” …

Obama is often Pearce’s target. “Obama may not be visiting Arizona because we require papers,” he joked last year. …

(He’s even “tried passing bills through the legislature that would have prevented American citizens from marrying non-American citizens,” writes Stephen Lemons, “and proposals to force landlords to check someone’s immigration status before renting them an apartment.”)

And now Pearce’s protégé — essentially his Mormon godson — has murdered four people, including a baby, and offed himself.

How do you think Russell Pearce slept last night?

No, strike that — knowing what we know about Russell Pearce, we expect he slept like a baby.

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  • Dave says:

    Unbelievable that you would take shots at the Mormon church because of some nut bird. As if the Mormon church ever condoned anything this guy ever did. Way to throw the baby out with the bath water. Keep up the propaganda comrade!