The Hypocrisy Files: “Penchant for Secrecy” Is Not Code for “Anti-Mormon Bias”

Willard Mitt Romney“No, it is not inconceivable that some voter out there hearing about the secrecy-minded Romney will think of his secrecy-minded religion (and it is secrecy-minded: Ann Romney’s own parents were barred from attending the Mormon service for her wedding.) But it is just a fact that there are all manner of non-religious ways in which Romney has demonstrated a penchant for secrecy: Having your gubernatorial aides go to great length and cost to remove the hard drives from their computers before you leave office; refusing, so far, to release anything close to the range of tax records that prior presidential candidates (including your own father) have released; promising donors who give at least $50,000 that they will be able to attend a private, “special retreat” with Romney this summer … this is all entirely worthy of scrutiny, and to use one’s religion as a shield against having to answer for such secrecy is pretty high up there on the cynicism chart.”

— Alec MacGillis
Manufactured Outrage, Religious Edition
The New Republic, April 17, 2012


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One Response to “The Hypocrisy Files: “Penchant for Secrecy” Is Not Code for “Anti-Mormon Bias””

  • mr. mike says:

    I just wanted to comment on the Mormon numbers game (because no commentary was allowed there); it is well established that the numbers COJCOLDS comes up with for how many Mormons are in America are completely off because the church will keep people on the rolls until they are 90, they make any attempt to resign a real pain, they go out of their way not to excommunicate people, and so on. If the church were honest, it would admit that the Jack Mormons outnumber the believers by a margin of 2 or 3 to 1. They won’t, however, because it screws up their propaganda campaigns.