Sarah Steelman “Repudiates Past Decency” After Son Follows Claire McCaskill Death Threat With Applause

Sarah Steelman and Sam Steelman Sarah Steelman is a Missouri state senator, former state treasurer and as radical a right-winger as a super-duper-trooper-Christian Republican Teabagger can get, who’s trying to knock Claire McCaskill out of her seat in the U.S. Senate.

Sam Steelman is her son and campaign manager, and he’d like to knock McCaskill out of her seat, too — or maybe even see somebody knock her off. We don’t know. We don’t know the guy, or his Mommy. And, judging from what we’ve heard about both Mommy and Sonny Sam over the past couple of days, we’re very grateful we don’t:

At an event Thursday in Springfield, Mo., Scott Boston, a St. Louis area activist who has been involved with the Tea Party, told the crowd “we have to get Claire McCaskill out.”

“We have to kill the Claire Bear ladies and gentlemen,” Boston said. “She walks around like she’s some sort of Rainbow Brite Care Bear or something but really she’s an evil monster.”

The comment was seen as ominous enough to prompt the U.S. Capitol Police to seek extra protection for the Missouri Democrat. …

And what did Sam Steelman, that fine, upstanding young man do? He clapped his wee hands in apparent approval and support:

And how did Mommy react? Rather than give Sonny Boy a good smack, march up to the stage, take the microphone from Scott Boston, and immediate repudiate his vile words, she defended Boston. Now she’s whining about “thought crimes.” She blames the whole thing on the “liberal media” (which, obviously, must have forced Boston to spew such bile, and which sent invisible agents to force Sammy Boy’s hands together to make it look like he approves of death threats to Democrats.)

She doesn’t think any of this is any big deal. Yeah, well, threatening a member of Congress is a big deal, Sarah. Especially when wacky Teabaggers are running around committing mass murder and/or threatening armed revolt with monotonous regularity lately.

Mind you, this — in one of the greatest examples of irony we’ve heard… well, today, anyway — this is the same Sarah Steelman who in 2000 got so worked up over two “threatening emails,” she sicced the Cole County prosecutor on the perp, who was arrested and jailed for harassment.

“Ironically,” recall the editors of the Times-Dispatch, “there was a time when Sarah Steelman decried the thought of somebody using violent language toward a female elected official. … Twelve years ago, receiving a violent email worried Steelman. ‘Being a public official, you just never know,’ she said then. It worried her family. ‘My husband was really concerned about it,’ she said. Now, in her rightward run to appease the most extreme voters in her party, Steelman has repudiated her past decency.”

By the way, Mommy has reportedly been fighting to save her little boy’s driver’s license since he was busted in January on a DUI and, cops say, refused to take a blood-alcohol test. (What, he can’t fight his own battles? And why didn’t he take the BAC test?)

Unsurprisingly (per the link above): “A statement from [Steelman] campaign spokesman Jeff Layman … alluded to the fact that one of Steelman’s rivals for the GOP Senate nomination, John Brunner, also has a DUI arrest on his record.” Because, you know, it makes it not so bad ’cause somebody else did it first! That’s the Republican way!

So, maybe Sammy was drunk or something when he applauded Scott Boston’s death threat. We don’t know. We’d rather wonder if he was stewed to the gills than think he’s as violently-inclined as some of his fellow Teabaggers.

As for Sarah Steelman… We can’t begin to guess what her excuse is.


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