Susan Wagle (R-Kan.): Islamic Theocracy Bad! Christian Theocracy Good!

Susan WagleThere are so many things wrong with Susan Wagle’s statement on the Kansas Senate’s passage of the state’s ludicrous and downright embarrassing anti-Sharia law today (“there are,” the Seattle PI reminds us, “no known cases in which a Kansas judge has based a ruling on Islamic law”)…

Well, intelligent folks will be amazed (and horrified) by just how much irony the stunningly self-unaware Wagle can pack into two short sentences, while the people who actually voted for Wagle won’t get it at all — so you may want to do one a favor and explain it to him or her. To that end, we’ll even give you something to help illustrate the irony (although we don’t guarantee it will make any difference). Let’s step back a few years, bearing in mind that Wagle — the anti-choice, anti-gay Republican from Andover — hasn’t evolved a bit in two decades (which is sad… but funny… but sad… and scary):

Susan Wagle, 1993: “Wichita, KS – About 200 people attended a Concerned Women of America meeting at Central Christian Church in October of 1993 to listen to fundamentalist legislators outline their plans for 1994. Darlene Cornfield of Valley Center spoke about the Hate Resolution, which she plans to introduce this year. … Senator Mike Harris urged supporters to continue to protest abortion, Senator Todd Tiahart spoke of the proposed constitutional amendment to put educational priorities under the control of ‘family’ organizations, and Rep. Susan Wagle of Wichita spoke of the need to ‘elect people who understand family values and people who believe in God.’ Concerned Women of America is a national organization with chapters across the United States whose purpose is to ‘preserve, protect, and promote traditional Judeo-Christian values.’” — “Concerned Women for America Meets in Wichita,” Common Ground, The Official Newsletter of Equality Kansas, Winter 1994

Susan Wagle, 2012: “The bill’s supporters said it simply ensures that legal decisions will protect long-cherished liberties, such as freedom of speech and religion and the right to equal treatment under the law. Sen. Susan Wagle, a Wichita Republican, said a vote for the legislation is a vote to protect women.

“‘In this great country of ours and in the state of Kansas, women have equal rights,’ Wagle said during the Senate’s debate. ‘They stone women to death in countries that have Shariah law.’” — “Kansas lawmakers pass anti-Islamic law measure,” AP, May 11, 2012


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