The Hypocrisy Files: Marriage Isn’t What It Used to Be (And It Never Was)

“Marriage as it is known today did not exist 2,000 years ago, or 200 years ago for that matter. Rather than ‘the most fundamental institution of civilization,’ marriage has been an extraordinarily fluid institution, in perennial metamorphosis, constantly adapting to religious, political and economic shifts, sexual revolutions, civil rights movements and ever changing cultural norms, from polygamy to common law marriages.

“What constitutes a marriage is so fluid that many anthropologists do not even use the word, preferring ‘unions’ or ‘alliances,’ said Roger Lancaster, a professor of anthropology and cultural studies at George Mason University in Virginia. …

“Today almost 50 percent of traditional marriages end in divorce but somehow it is same sex marriage that is going to destroy the institution itself. Really? Larry King has had 8 divorces. Kim Kardashian’s marriage cost 10 million dollars and lasted 72 days. Newt Gingrich had affairs while his first and second wives were very ill. Kelsey Grammer ended his over the phone. …

“As a gay man the choice to marry or not should be made available to me. I do not believe in the institution of marriage per se, but when a political party, a Church made up of a bunch of old men and pedophiles sitting in the Vatican, or my own Government, tell me I am banned from one of their institutions that’s when I want to join it, even though they do not have the power or moral standing to arbitrarily determine what is the union of two souls.”

— Pier Angelo
The Insanity of Marriage, May 2, 2012


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