Republican, Christian Philanthropist Duane DuCharme Probed for Drug Cartel Money Laundering

Duane DuCharmeWho? Republican who likes Vern Buchanan, Dan Coats, and Dick Lugar (oopsy, guess that donation was wasted!); CEO of New Life Generation, Inc., a non-profit human-tissue donation agency (which in 2011 earned itself a warning letter from the FDA regarding “significant deviations from the regulations for human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products”) and MediGraft, a human tissue bank, based in Indianapolis; CEO of Allograft Innovations, a Florida-based provider of frozen and freeze-dried human tissue (yes, really); founder & former CEO, McMillen & Associates accountancy firm; and sole director of DuCharme Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt non-profit whose sole purpose appears to be giving away money to right-wing Christian organizations; e.g. (from the foundation’s grants and/or contributions as shown on its 990 forms filed in 2008 and 2009):

Bridges Outreach, Inc. (, Summit, NJ: $17,500 (2008); $8,500 (2009)

Come2Go Ministries (, an Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ft. Wayne, IN: $15,000 (2008)

Hope Builders International (, an international fundy proselytizing organization determined to cvonvert indigenous peoples “in Asia, the Middle East and the Turkish speaking world,” Greenwood, VA: $100,000 (2008)

Interfaith Mission, Inc., Columbia City, IN: $10,000 (2008)

Mission of Hope (, another “faith-based” food-and-goods charity, Knoxville, TN: $7,000 (2009)

Remedy FM (, Christian “Web station” aimed at teenagers, Ft. Wayne, IN: $25,000 (2009)

RM [Rescue Mission] Rescue Ministries (, “faith-based” homeless shelter, Ft. Wayne, IN: $100,000 (2008)

Sarasota Baptist Church (, Baptist megachurch, Sarasota, FL: $400,000 (2008)

WBCL-Radio-Remedy FM Teen Outreach (, a Fort Wayne, Indiana, Christian radio station owned by evangelical Taylor University, Ft. Wayne, IN: $85,000 (2008)

Youth for Christ (, “committed to pursuing teenagers” (well, that’s honest — “pursuing”) “to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus,” Ft. Wayne, IN: $10,000 (2008)

DuCharme, the Journal Gazette tells us, “is under investigation for laundering money for a drug cartel,” after his arrest in April “outside of an office supply store in Plano, Texas, with a plastic tub in the trunk of his car filled with bundles of cash, ‘wrapped in a manner that is consistent with the way drug traffickers wrap currency prior to transporting the currency to Mexico.’

“Ducharme, 70, was initially charged with money laundering in Texas, though it appears from Collin County court records the preliminary state case has been closed. He was released late last week from the Collin County Jail on a reduced $40,000 bond, but a federal criminal case is being put together, Collin County Judge Paul M. Raleeh said.”

More reading:


New Life Generation, Inc., TaxExemptWorld

SPD Realty, LLC v. Hamilton County Assessor, Indiana Board of Tax Review, Match 11, 2011

Duane Ducharme, Tai T. Huynh, et al., Appellants, v. Tissuenet Distribution Services, LLC, et al.,, Fifth District Court of Appeals, April 13, 2012


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