The Hypocrisy Files: The Suddenly (And Conveniently) New-and-Improved Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao“Pacquiao is entitled to his beliefs, but he looked a bit hypocritical when it turned out that his wife, Jinkee, nearly divorced him in November. The Los Angeles Times last week reported that trainer Freddie Roach said Jinkee Pacquiao served divorce papers upon her husband shortly before his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Roach subsequently denied saying she served divorce papers, though he didn’t deny that Pacquiao’s lifestyle was hurting his fight career. Roach said that, among other things, the distractions that negatively impacted Pacquiao were ‘girls and everything that goes with it.’ In January, Martin Rogers reported on that Jinkee Pacquiao had given her husband an ultimatum and forced him to clean up his act.

“Subsequently, Pacquiao said he had a religious ‘awakening,’ and has been deep into Bible study. Roach told the Times that Pacquiao also sold a casino he owned. He’s also no longer into cock fighting.”

— Kevin Iole
on Filipino boxer and freshman congressmember Manny Pacquiao
following Pacquiao’s public condemnation of homosexuality,
gays, President Obama, and a woman’s right to choose just months
after Pacquiao’s own suspiciously-timed redemption and near-divorce
Manny Pacquiao — Congressman Pacquiao — rips President Obama for stance on gay marriage
Yahoo! Sports, May 15, 2012


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