Memo to 40% of All Americans: Mitt Romney is a Mormon

Willard Mitt RomneyWe repeat: Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

And this would explain why Mittens avoids talking about his Mormonism at every opportunity:

A recent Gallup poll found that 18% of Americans will not vote to put a Mormon in the White House, compared with 17% of Americans who expressed the same sentiment in 1967. …

The survey also found that 40% of Americans do not know that Mitt Romney is Mormon, a fact that should become more apparent as the election draws closer. A closer focus on Romney’s religion may hurt his chances at the polls, as the general population becomes more familiar with the fundamental beliefs of Mormonism.

— Anna Klenke
18% of Americans Won’t Vote for Mormon Presidential Candidate
Care2, June 26, 2012

Klenke adds: “It’s interesting that so many Americans feel comfortable expressing such prejudicial views against Mormons, when very few would make similar remarks about other ethnicities or religions. What makes Mormonism so threatening?”

We could spend all day explaining what makes Mitt Romney (and not his Mormonism — which, by the way, is a choice, Ann, unlike ethnicity) “so threatening,” but we have other things to do — and, frankly, we don’t really care what would convince someone to refuse to cast a vote for Romney (people base their votes on far less important traits), but if it’s his Mormonism, then so be it — whatever works.

Therefore, we’ll just repeat it again, in the hope of reaching that 40%:

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon.


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One Response to “Memo to 40% of All Americans: Mitt Romney is a Mormon”

  • Johnatheist says:

    The GOP has in some cases has questioned the faith of Obama and also his patriotism. Mr. Romney’s faith should not be excluded from review. I think however in the bible belt Romney gets the nod from white voters based on the president’s race. The racist will prefer a white Mormon over a black Christian.