Mark Jackson: Dicks Nix Knicks Pix Six– Er, Sex Fix

Mark JacksonClaims to fame: Retired pro (NBA) basketball player (point guard with the New York Knicks); former sports commentator; head coach, Golden State Warriors; ex-Catholic-turned-Pentecostal; co-pastor, along with his wife of 22 years (and converter), former R&B turned gospel singer & actress (e.g., Go Tell It on the Mountain) Desiree Coleman Jackson (a.k.a. “Lady Dez”), True Love Worship Center International (TLWCI), Van Nuys, California; occasional TBN guest; father of four (ages 9-16); adulterer; pigeon

Note: We’re purposely not including any live links to Mark Jackson’s church website,, as 1) the site sets off our antivirus software, 2) Firefox deems it an “attack site,” and 3) Google marks every page with the warning, “This site may harm your computer.” We strongly suggest you avoiding visiting, too. (Perhaps Rev. Jackson, or one of his more holy-rollin’ friends, like Brian Carn, could perform a “healing.”)

Moral apex #1: Denied being mixed up with an alleged member of an international drug cartel. We’ll get to that in a moment (it involves actor Jamie Foxx — who we didn’t realize until now is such a jerk), which is interesting, but not half as interesting as…

Moral apex #2: Helped FBI bring down an extortion plot — against himself — allegedly hatched by an ex-stripper he was shagging — which he’s copped to after he had no other choice.

Now, Mark Jackson isn’t known for being a raging anti-gay bigot himself, but he’s certainly an anti-gay-bigot enabler — and his church appears to have originated through an encounter with one of the most virulently homophobic pastors in the Western hemisphere:

In 2002, Mark and Desiree Jackson attended a conference in the Bahamas where Dr. Myles Munroe brought forth a prophecy of the Lord and the seed for True Love Worship Center International (TLWCI) was planted and sealed.

Seven years later, in March, 2009, True Love Worship Center, International was founded in Southern California when ordained Ministers, Mark and Desiree Jackson (a husband and wife team of 17 years) hearkened to the call of God to serve as laborers and feed His sheep the truth of His word.

— “Our Clients In Action: Mark & Desiree Jackson
MTX Wealth Management, February 4, 2010

Influential pastor, Dr Myles Munroe, suggested to government that they should ”say something fast” on the Rosie O’Donnell gay cruise ship issue.

This was the sentiment shared by a number of pastors from several denominations who attended the ”Save The Bahamas Campaign” Rally in Rawson Square on Sunday. Noticeably absent were representatives from the Bahamas Christian Council.

Police estimates put the crowd at about 500 persons, but the organisers hoped to get 50,000 Bahamians to sing petitions this week to be taken to parliamentarians to show the government how serious they are about what they deem to be a ”threat to the Bahamas” family value system.

— “Anti-Gay Rally Warns The Prime Minister
Bahamas Tribune, July 13, 2004

And just who is Myles Munroe? One of the countless Christian pastors polluting the Caribbean with rampant homophobia; e.g.:

Lesbians and gays believe that they are born as such, but, according to the Bible in the book of Corinthians, “there’s no such thing,” Dr Myles Munroe, president of Bahamas Faith Ministries, said recently.

While introducing a two-part series, entitled: Homosexuality and Lesbianism: Discrimination, Politics and the Church, to his congregation Sunday night, Dr Munroe said homosexuals cannot use biological or hormonal justification for perversion.”

Reading from the Bible, he quoted I Corinthians 6:9-11…

He told his audience that when debating the issue of homosexuality, the facts must be in line with the Word of God, including the fact that it is not a religious issue, but a moral, natural and scientific one. …

Dr Munroe said it is easy for religions to be formed to agree or disagree on anything. To prove his point, Dr Munroe recalled the appointment of an openly-gay Bishop in the Diocese of New Hampshire in the United States.

“It’s not shocking to me that you can create a religion to do or accept anything. As a matter of fact, that’s why 70 bishops can get into a room and vote that homosexuality is acceptable in their denomination,” said Dr Munroe. “We can create a religion that makes lesbianism acceptable and dignified. We can even write some scriptures, give it some sanctification, but don’t confuse that with the kingdom of God, as certain behaviours are incompatible.”

Continuing his point, Dr Munroe said there is a homosexual church in Canada, which performs homosexual weddings. The priest, he said, was a homosexual that led a homosexual congregation.

“They were clapping hands and worshipping some god, but you cannot confuse that with the kingdom of God. So, don’t panic when people says there’s a homosexual church out west. Don’t be shocked. They have a church … and they have a right to practise religion in a democratic society. But, the book (the Bible) says it is incompatible. You can be a homosexual and be a Christian, but you cannot be a homosexual and in the kingdom of God.” …

God, Dr Munroe assured, can deliver gays from homosexual behaviour and lesbianism, noting that it is the only avenue to deliverance.

— “Gays are not born as such – Dr Munroe
Khashan Poitier, Nassau Guardian, June 24, 2004

Jackson also hobnobs with other high-profile fundygelicals, stars of the “prosperity gospel” movement, and TBN talking heads; his circle of contemporaries reads like a Who’s Who in Hypocrisy.

True Love Worship Center itself (which has earned a place in the “TBN Address Book”) is eager to welcome the likes of “prosperity gospel” televangelista (and twice-divorced) Paula White; Baltimore AME megachurch pastor (and anti-gay, divorced hypocrite) Jamal Harrison Bryant; Bread of Life Ministries evangelist and self-proclaimed “prophet” Brian Jefferson Mosley; and COGIC “prophet” and “healer” Brian Carn (who credits a Benny Hinn crusade with “crystalizing his mission”). All of these high-profile evangelists (plus Marvin Sapp and George G. Bloomer) TLWCI hosted at the six-day “Gift Conference 2011” (flyer).

Mark Jackson and Desiree Coleman Jackson
Mark Jackson and his rather, uh, unconventional preacher’s wife, Desiree Coleman Jackson (who at times resembles a cross between Nicole Richie and the Bride of Chucky), on TBN’s “Christian Celebrity Showcase,” June 4, 2010.

And if all that weren’t enough to make us question Mark Jackson’s judgment (and motives), there’s also his reported friendship with Zachery Tims (who we really must write up someday), the cheating, divorced Florida mega-church pastor who made a quick exit in 2011 at the age of 42 — probably with a drug overdose — in a New York hotel room. (His mama has been fighting to keep the cause of death secret, in order to prevent “embarrassment to her, his children and his congregation.” Sounds like you know there’s something to hide, Mrs. Tims — and you’re making things look a lot worse. Don’t you believe in John 8:32?) Tims, incidentally (or not), was replaced at the helm of his New Destiny church by Paula White (what an incestuous web these evangelists weave!), who in turn appears to have abandoned her once-ostentatious Without Walls Central Church in Lakeland, Florida, to decay and who-knows-what-else. (Y’all who’ve donated money to Miz White will want to see this.)

Speaking of strippers — and we were, since Tims was cheating on his wife with a stripper — this brings us back to Mark Jackson’s latest troubles, and the reason he’s earned himself a spot in ConBab.

The Smoking Gun sums it succinctly:

…Jackson was the target of a recent extortion plot allegedly hatched by an ex-stripper with whom he carried on an extramarital affair and shared photos of his genitalia.

Oh, my. Oh, my, indeed.

The shakedown scheme, which was foiled by the FBI with Jackson’s cooperation, resulted this week in the arrest of Alexis Adams, the former dancer, and her alleged coconspirator, ex-convict Marcus Shaw.

Adams, 28, and Shaw, 40, have been named in felony criminal complaints filed under seal in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California. The duo, whose relationship is unclear, is accused of trying to extort a six-figure payment from Jackson in return for them not disseminating/selling the explicit photos to the “vultures of the media.” …

TSG also has a partial copy — while KCBS has the full document — of the criminal complaint containing an FBI agent’s sworn affidavit (in which Jackson is referred to as “V1”), which spells out the details:


The Victim Is Extorted out of $5,000 on April 3, 2012, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Approximately six years ago, the victim (“V1”), a prominent member of the public who now works in Oakland, California, had an extramarital affair with ALEXIS ISABELL ADAMS, at the time a young woman in her early 20s who worked as a dancer in a gentlemen’s club in New York. The affair lasted less than a year.

During the affair, V1 sent photographs of himself to ADAMS, and some of the photographs were of V1 without any clothing and of V1′s genitalia (“the compromising photographs”). At some point, the affair came to an end. When V1 made clear he did not plan to leave his wife for ADAMS, ADAMS called V1′s wife and told her about the affair. ADAMS also sent some of the compromising photographs to V1′s wife. Despite the revelation of the affair, V1 and his wife remained married today and that the affair occurred and that the compromising photographs exist are not publicly known facts.

Oopsy! They are now!

On April 3, 2012, V1 was approached at a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee by an individual not previously known to him. During this encounter, the individual showed V1 a folder containing some of the compromising photographs and a CD that the individual said contained recordings of voice mail messages V1 had left for ADAMS during their affair. Ultimately, V1 asked the individual what he wanted for the compromising photographs and the recordings, and the individual responded, “I want to be made whole.” According to the individual, he had discovered the compromising photographs and voice mail recordings in a storage locker that he purchased for $3,500. The individual also wanted money to fix his teeth and to get his car out of the impound lot. The individual then asked V1 to accompany him to the impound lot and pay to get his car out. V1 refused to go anywhere with the individual. Instead, V1 eventually gave the individual $5,000 in cash in exchange for the folder with the photographs and the CD, which V1 then destroyed.

A couple of weeks later, “V1′s” wife received an email from one “” — the seventh commandment being, of course, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” — signed “Mark Smith,” who claimed: “I have spoken to my legal team and was advised to give you the first opportunity to buy these photos before I sell them to the public,” adding that “a plethora” of other photographs existed, “as well as phone conversations.” The sender said he was “in the reputation management business” (what a nifty euphemism for “blackmail”!) “and these pictures were shocking. I am not deliberately tyring to hurt you, however this is business, nothing personal.”

“V1″ replied to the email himself, practically begging “Mark Smith” to return the photos, stating, “I thought we had taken care of this in Memphis,” and asking: “How much is it going to take to make this go away once and for all?”

Mr. Reputation Manager was not happy: “I gave you the opportunity to settle this before it reached this point. You insulted me with the idea that it was taken care of, I asked you to call me after I placed the folder of information in your hand and you failed to respond! I am not in business of playing games, just securing adequate compensation in safeguarding your reputation from your inappropriate actions and behavior as a Christian, husband, father, and public figure. You did this, I just happen to have pictures and voice recordings. My question to you is, what is it worth to you? …”

(We think blackmailers are the scum of the earth — but you have to admit the guy has a point about “inappropriate actions and behavior as a Christian, husband, father, and public figure.”)

The two next spoke by phone, and when “V1″ made the mistake of mentioning the previously-paid $5,000 in hush money, “tencommandment7″ hung up on him.

After a few more phone calls, “tencommandment7″ (who never did specify “a dollar amount he wanted” for the photos) emailed again: “…how much are you willing to offer for this information to safeguard yourself from the vultures of the media? … Not sure what your [sic] were thinking when you offered me … lunch money in Memphis, is that what your life is worth?”

When “tencommandment7″ claimed that he had decided to accept an offer of “$185K from another resource” (“Yes,” he taunted “V1,” “you should be sorry it had to end this way, and from the looks of it, you will be”), “V1″ made a counter-offer of $200,000 “to keep this quiet,” and “tencommandment7″ jumped at it, instructing “V1″: “Bring cash to my church in Memphis to make the exchange.” (Don’t you love stories in which everyone involved is a good, churchgoing Christian?)

Marcus ShawBy this time, “V1″ had already contacted authorities and was just stringing along his alleged blackmailer, while the feds worked behind the scenes. Google was served a subpoena to give up the IP addresses used by “,” and from there (following subpoenas to Comcast and Sprint), it was easy enough to identify “Mark Smith” as one Marcus Shaw of College Park, Georgia — a loser with a rap sheet showing “a conviction in Tennessee for aggravated robbery in 1996 for which he was sentenced to 12 years in prison,” and an arrest “in Clayton County, Georgia in 2005 for murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and kidnapping, though the case was ultimately dismissed.”

While “V1″ identified Shaw from a driver’s license photo as his Memphis extortionist, investigators made the connection between Shaw and Alexis Adams (who had emailed Shaw the day of the Memphis payout with “Concentrate and f— him up! he is a Fake ass man of god,” and also texted: “This n— left me some tickets smh [shaking my head],” with a photo of two tickets to a Warriors game.

The Smoking Gun adds:

At the time of the affair, Adams “worked as a dancer in gentlemen’s club in New York”… Records show that Adams is now a licensed esthetician and recently opened a day spa. …

Adams, freed from custody after posting $25,000 bond, did not respond to messages sent to two e-mail accounts and her business’s Facebook page. Shaw, a convicted felon, is jailed in advance of a detention hearing… Prosecutors contend that he is a flight risk and a danger to the community, and should be locked up prior to trial.

And that’s where things stand right now. No doubt there will be more to come.

That’s quite a story! So, what’s this business about a drug cartel? Glad you asked. In 2011, Jackson, actor Jamie Foxx, and a bunch of other celebrities were, according to Radar Online

…caught up in a scandal surrounding a multimillion-dollar international drug cartel…

Foxx found himself unwittingly associated with a massive drug bust after his pal Warren Braithwaite was arrested in a five-state Drug Enforcement Agency sting that dismantled a drug ring responsible for the distribution of thousands of pounds of marijuana.

Braithwaite, 38, was Jamie’s friend and business associate, all while secretly running a crime syndicate, according to law enforcement charges and documents obtained exclusively by Star. …

Just 12 days before his arrest, as Star has learned, Braithwaite and Foxx were rubbing elbows at a charity event to honor the actor/singer and NBA legend Magic Johnson. …

In addition to his relationship with Jamie, Braithwaite has ties to Jackson, the former ESPN analyst who was recently appointed head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

In fact, Jackson took Braithwaite to a news conference on June 100 [sic] — just 4 days before Braithwaite’s arrest — when he announced his decision to leave broadcasting and accept the role.

Braithwaite was also involved at the True Love Workship Center International, in Van Nuys, Calif., a ministry helmed by Jackson and his wife.

While the Warriors had no comment, Jackson tells Star he has “not seen one piece of evidence that Brother Warren is the person police say he is. Our prayers, thoughts and love are for Warren and his family.”

Yet while Jackson professed ignorance of any wrongdoing on the part of “Brother Warren,” he also attempted to “clarify” his relationship with — and distance himself from — his church’s head usher (that was Braithwaite’s role at TLWCI). Referring to himself in the oddly-stilted third person, Jackson told

“At the end of the day, Brother Warren doesn’t have a relationship with Mark Jackson, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors,” Jackson said in a phone interview Wednesday. “He wouldn’t say, ‘Mark Jackson, my friend’ or ‘Mark Jackson, my coach.’

“He would say, ‘Pastor Mark, my spiritual father.’”

It sounds to us like Jackson didn’t help his own credibility any as a minister; what does it say about his ministry if he’s “spiritual father” to an (alleged) international drug lord?

We also think Jackson is fudging. SFGate adds:

When Jackson walks down the center aisle of the church to take the pulpit on Sundays, Braithwaite flanks him like a secret service agent.

(Doesn’t surprise us, considering what appears to be a call from TLWCI for security guards [scroll down about 2/3 of this page]: “Security – For those with military or security backgrounds or have the ability to safeguard the ministry, Pastors, members & friends. Contact”.)

When Jackson was introduced to the Bay Area at his first news conference as the Warriors’ coach, Braithwaite was his guest.

Wait. Didn’t Jackson just finish saying…? Yep:

“At the end of the day, Brother Warren doesn’t have a relationship with Mark Jackson, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.”

Jackson also said:

“In fairness to me, as a pastor, I’m going to be linked to drug dealers, drug addicts, liars and fornicators. The church is a place for sick people to be healed. I’m going to help them, but I’m not going to co-sign on their troubles.”

Oh, dude, you didn’t really have the brass ones to mention “liars and fornicators,” did you? Oh, yes, you did!

Other memorable quotes:

“These people don’t care about anything I’ve done or will do in basketball. They’d kill for me because of what I’ve done at this church in the past two years.”

— Mark Jackson, about his parishioners
Profiling Warriors coach and pastor Mark Jackson
Rusty Simmons, San Francisco Chronicle, September 2, 2011

“I’ve been a winner all of my life, and I truly believe that great things are about to happen.”

And he believes a higher power will show the way.


Random amusing forum post — “The Anointed And Appointed Pastor Mark Jackson Is Tripped Up By Satan In Steamy Sexual Affair” — which is one of the most beautiful Poe compositions we’ve ever seen:

Oh, saints of God of the King James Version Bible, it is time for much more prayer. It is also time for 40 day fasts and praying harder and longer than ever, can I get an, AMEN!

Another one of God’s anointed and appointed has been tripped up by satan yet again. It seems like no matter how hard believers pray, satan finds a way to bring down God’s anointed.

This latest black eye to the Christian Church involves the beloved Pastor Mark Jackson, the pastor of the True Love Worship Center International in Van Nuys, California and also the coach of the Golden State Warriors. …

So what happened to the anointed Pastor Mark Jackson? Satan caused him to frequent strip clubs and once inside, satan’s minions propelled the gifted pastor to do what has become common these days.

The Pastor Fell In Love With a STRIPPER!

But as the saints of the most high God of the King James Version, warred in the spirit, satan lost his grip and Pastor Mark Jackson decided not to leave his church and also decided not to leave the First Lady.

BUT, satan tripped up the pastor yet again because that sneaky little stripper had taken all kinds of pictures of her and pastor Mark Jackson, knockin boots.

BUT, because of the prayers of the saints, the situation was never made public, praise God. Pastor Mark simply paid off his lover and prayed that the Lord would sweep his affair into the Sea of Forgetfulness.

BUT, satan wasn’t having it! Satan stirred up that stripper to seek an even larger payday from Pastor Mark Jackson. This time, the highly anointed pastor had enough and after much prayer the Lord told him to get the police involved.

Now that the stripper and her accomplice are under arrest, Pastor Mark Jackson is praying that no one else has any copies of those photographs or videos.

Saints of God, how many of you are willing to consecrate yourself for Pastor Mark Jackson? God is calling for believers who are willing to go on a 40 day fast to believe God that all of those sordid sexual photographs and videos of Pastor Mark Jackson getting freaky with that stripper will be destroyed. …

We like this reply, too:

A divorce costs much less than an extortion attempt, court fees, divorce, alimony fees when your wife goes after your @ss for cheating on her, therapy for the kids, and a settlement for “emotional and psychological hardship” because of what you put your family through.

Or they could just keep it in their pants.

Suggested Bible reading for Mr. Jackson:

And if ye will not yet for all this hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass:

And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits.

— Leviticus 26:18-20

P.S. “Dicks Nix Knicks Pix Six– Er, Sex Fix” = our attempt at a Variety-style headline; i.e.: “Detectives Put a Stop to (Ex-)Knicks Star’s Unfortunate Sex-Extortion Situation.”


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