Hiram Carson “Bucky” Lewis IV, “The Harold Stassen of the West Virginia Republican Party”

Hiram LewisClaims to fame: Anti-choice, anti-gay ex-JAG lawyer; Iraq vet & pro-war zealot who bought into Bush‘s “bringing democracy to the Middle East” lie & the “Saddam has WMDs” lie; Republican; former treasurer, West Virginia Republican Party; failed candidate for West Virginia attorney general (2004); failed candidate for U.S. Senate (2006); gun nut with a gun

Moral apex: Shot a guy in the leg.

Why? Lewis — claiming self-defense and citing WV’s “Castle Doctrine” (like Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law) — says the guy was breaking into his house. The guy — Stephen Bogart — says he lived in Lewis’s house. Lewis says the guy “is a homeless veteran who’s been a guest at his camp—” (“camp”?) “—for the last week until he finds stable employment. Lewis did not elaborate further except to say, ‘he went crazy today.’”

Uh, wouldn’t that mean the guy was living with Lewis? Sure sounds like it to us. And sure sounds like it a whole lot more since a state trooper told MetroNews: “We have proof that they both live at the residence.” (This sounds dicey: The trooper “wouldn’t characterize the nature of the relationship.”)

Meanwhile, Justin Wheatling at Lawyers Weekly describes Bogart as “a hobo [Lewis allowed] to sleep on his porch provided he would cook and clean for him,” citing a report from WOWK, which includes some truly bizarre statements from Lewis; e.g.:

“I called him [Bogart] Sergeant Major out of respect. I respected him for being a Sgt. Major. I nicknamed him Sgt. Major hoo-rah. I created a foundation for him called Sgt. Major Hoo-rah’s Charitable Trust,” he said.

Say what?

Lewis said he found Bogart wandering on the side of the road in Clay County. He let Bogart sleep on his porch in exchange for Bogart helping him fix up his house he is renting.

Renting? Wonder what Lewis’s landlord thinks of this arrangement?

Bogart has a problem with alcohol, Lewis said. He said he would buy Bogart alcohol as long as he got up at 6 a.m. to help him with his house.

Oh, right, because, as we all know, the very best thing you can do for someone who has a problem with alcohol is to buy him more alcohol.

But, the pair did manage to bond over their love of the military, and food.

“He is a great chef. He can cook the best pork chops you can imagine, pork chops and potato salad. We made up dishes and took pictures of them and we were going to put them on our menu and sell his cooking up and down the river for Fourth of July picnics,” he said.

How romantic!

Lewis believes that Bogart has psychological problems.

“I don’t know what he’s done in his past but he kind of let me believe that he’s killed me.”

That he… What?

“I don’t know if that was in his uniform or outside of his uniform, but he is definitely a dangerous person,” he said.

And who shot whom again?

Some of Lewis’ neighbors said they are worried about Lewis and his well-being. He denies being crazy and said he is just misunderstood.

“Some people think closing your practice and moving to a camp on the Elk River in Clay County is Crazy. It’s my lifelong dream. Some people think that’s crazy, but I love the river. My favorite movie is The River Runs Through It,” he said.

This guy’s a lawyer? Yep — and one who’s still in danger of losing his law license. The state supreme court, in its infinite wisdom, decided to let him keep practicing law… for now. Which makes us wonder why he’d even care, since, as reported by WSAZ: “Lewis said he left his law practice to pursue building a Christian camp in Clay County for children.” In any case, the state Office of Disciplinary Counsel is still looking into the incident, and is scheduled to hold a hearing on the matter August 7th.

Did he? Build the camp? Nope. The more we read about “Bucky,” the more we’re inclined to think it’s a pipe dream — just like his pipe dream of getting elected to some — any — public office. From WOWK:

Lewis … said he wants to spread the word of God and do charitable work if he gets out of jail.

“If I can keep my bar license through this, if I can get out and keep my bar license, I have a case I’m supposed to be settling. That would give me the money to get the kayaks and get back to my camp paradise to where I could have Kayakers for Christ every Sunday,” he said.

So, what’s Lewis charged with? Malicious wounding and wanton endangerment with a firearm.

Where do things stand now? The case is going to a grand jury sometime in July, after which we’ll see if Lewis is indicted.

Memorable quotes:

Whether you agree or disagree with Cindy Sheehan, she has every right to protest the President’s war policy. Only a thug would “dog” her or harass her because she is speaking out. For a citizen to follow her and harass her for her speech would be contemptible, but for someone running for the US Senate to do so as a political stunt, is outrageous and over-the-top.

… Why would this man, who is trying to convince the public in West Virginia that he has the temperament to be a US Senator, hound and “dog” a woman distraught with grief over her son dying in the Iraq war? Moreover, Mr. Lewis has been bought and paid for by RightMarch.com. He is performing a political stunt to counter Cindy Sheehan’s spontaneous protest and that is obvious on its face.

— Balletshooz
GOP Challenger To Robert Byrd:
The Cindy Sheehan Charade

Blogcritics, August 29, 2005


“On one hand, he says he’s going to offer condolences to Ms. Sheehan for the tragic death of her son in Iraq,” Johnson told HNN. “But then Hiram says he’s going to ‘dog her’ until she talks to him. Is he a pastoral counselor or a stalker boy? …

“I can guarantee you one thing: I won’t be ‘dogging’ the mother of a deceased American soldier to win political points. That’s just un-Senatorial.”

— “Elephant Wars? George Johnson Body Slams Fellow Republican Hiram Johnson” (offline)
August 31, 2005

“Together with the conservative activist organization RightMarch.com, I will be traveling to Crawford, Texas, on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005, to demand a meeting with Cindy Sheehan. If she refuses to meet with me there, I will follow her on her bus tour and continue to demand a meeting until she agrees to talk with me face-to-face.

“My mission is to persuade Cindy Sheehan to meet with an Iraq War Veteran such as myself and answer my questions about why she is encouraging the terrorists, endangering our men and women in uniform, and lowering troop morale.”

— Hiram Lewis
“pledging to ‘dog’ Cindy Sheehan until she meets with him”
as quoted by HuntingtonNews.Net
August 28, 2005

“Ronald Reagan reached through the TV and made me a Republican.”

— Hiram Lewis
Cabell County Republicans
“Meet the Candidates” hot dog dinner, May 5, 2006

Memorable observations:

Robert C. Byrd will not have to worry about this Republican hopeful. West Virginia Republican Senate Wannabe Hiram Lewis today was on TalkLine with Republican Hoppy Kercheval. It was evident from just listening to Lewis talk about the issues at hand that this guy is not ready for prime time. Not even ready for state office. He failed to talk about anything in depth and his voice was jittery with lots of pauses as he was obviously thinking what to say next. Right leaning Hoppy Kercheval even had to assist him in some of his Republican talking points. He even lied about Casey Sheehan in that Lewis said that Sheehan was actually for the war and that he apposed [sic] his mother who is also ant-war. I called him out on it on the show and asked him where did he get that from. Lewis replied:

“I heard it on a TV clip someplace.”

Yeah right, nice try. …

— Frankie
Hiram Lewis On TalkLine, No MSNBC Hardball
Republicans Hate WV, August 18, 2005

[T]his just in: Lewis has also received a “final notice” from the Federal Elections Commission demanding that he provide information the FEC has been requesting for months now about the occupations of scores of donors on his reporting forms. Why won’t Lewis comply? The FEC requires this information so as to prove where donations come from and who is giving them — an important statistic given West Virginia’s past problems with dirty money in campaigns.

Mr. Lewis is beginning to take on the appearance of a charlatan, pretending to be many things that he is not: an effective Republican Party leader; a skilled manager of his own campaign funds; and a lawyer who understands how to comply with the most basic of FEC rules and regulations regarding fundraising.

Another more famous West Virginia politician had trouble managing other people’s money, but at least he had some redeeming features. However, Hiram Lewis appears to be A. James Manchin without the charm.

— “Editorial: Hiram Lewis: Would You Trust This Man with Your Money?” (offline)
HuntingtonNews.Net, February 3, 2006

Attention West Virginia NRA Members:

You may have recently received an orange postcard urging you to support Hiram Lewis in the May 9 Republican primary election for U.S. Senate. The postcard was purportedly mailed to West Virginia NRA members and looks like the NRA-PVF’s standard endorsement postcard. As the card closely resembles NRA’s endorsement mailings, some recipients may have been misled into believing NRA-PVF has made an endorsement in this race.

In order to clear up any misconceptions related to this mailing, we deem it necessary to clarify NRA-PVF’s position. The NRA Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has made no endorsement in the Republican Primary election for U.S. Senate in West Virginia.

The postcard sent out by the Lewis campaign bears a striking resemblance to the card and format used by NRA, including the “Dear West Virginia NRA Member” salutation. We can only assume it was done with the clear intent of deceiving West Virginia voters into believing NRA had endorsed Lewis in the primary election.

While five candidates running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate have been rated an “A” by NRA-PVF, including John Raese, “Bud” Railey, Rick Snuffer, and Zane Lawhorn, Lewis has not received NRA-PVF’s endorsement.

The postcard sent by Hiram Lewis is a blatant attempt to mislead West Virginia voters and NRA members.

— NRA Political Victory Fund, May 4, 2006

It has come to my attention that a mail piece distributed by the Hiram Lewis U.S. Senate campaign includes a photograph of me with the candidate.

Voters must not construe this as an endorsement from me for Mr. Lewis. It has been my longstanding policy and practice not to endorse in a contested Republican primary.

I call on Mr. Lewis to make clear that his use of an old photograph, taken years ago, was never intended to be used for political purposes.

— Governor Cecil Underwood, May 7, 2006

Was this the most unreported event in the War on Terra? You would think that the discovery of nuclear missles flying towards America would put all the Al Queda/Saddam link naysayers in serious backpeddle mode…

Oh, wait. This is just some dumb fearmongering crap (read “Send me some dough!”) mailed out by Hiram Lewis who is again running for Senate in West Virginia. His Senate race in 2002 didn’t turn out so well, so I hear, and neither did his bid for Attorney General in 2004…

The text on the back of this lovely photo says, in part:

“This photo of me — sitting in Saddam’s throne in his palace — was taken just shortly after I helped overthrow his terrorist regime. Looking at the mural behind Saddam’s throne — nuclear missles flying towards America — could it be any clearer that Saddam was a threat that needed to be removed?” (emphasis ours)

Seems to us that Saddam not only did not have nuclear missles, the weapons he did have were only semi-accurate to about 90 miles.

Well, Hiram if you manage to defeat Robert Byrd this time then you will not be available to proudly overthrow the terrorist regime in Iran, or Syria, or Palestine, or Pakistan, or…

You get the point.

— The Moxie
Hiram Lewis Finds WMD in Iraq!” (with photo)
The Casablanca Test, February 26, 2006

Now these might be fun photos to show the family back home, but there’s a problem here for a political website which Lewis is using to impress voters:

The problem is that Lewis served as a lawyer in Iraq, not an infantryman. He was somewhere behind the front lines doing legal work, and while that is no doubt important, too, it’s not quite the same now, is it? Granted, Lewis, being in the military in the Iraqi theater of operations, no doubt had that rifle issued to him. But he didn’t storm Saddam’s throne room with it like Rambo, contrary to the image he tries to portray on his website. He was busy somewhere shuffling legal documents, very much out of the line of fire.

The rifle photos aren’t the only ones on Lewis’s website that cause a chuckle in GOP circles statewide. There are the other teenager-like photos of Hiram grinning with all of his “friends,” namely prominent Republicans like former President George H.W. Bush. The elder Bush probably has never heard of Hiram Lewis and was just being kind as he does when any number of people come up to him asking for a photo.

But Lewis wants you to believe that they’re best buddies. Lewis wants you to believe a lot about himself, but there are big gaps between the real and the illusional with Hiram Lewis.

— “Editorial: Is Hiram Lewis for Real?” (offline)
HuntingtonNews.Net, February 6, 2006

Hiram Lewis likes to think of himself as some grand colossus of a candidate, even though few people know him. … He posed as the conquering hero, sitting in one of Saddam Hussein’s huge golden thrones, looking like a little boy in desert fatigues at Santa’s photo shop at Wal-Mart during Christmas season.

To the everlasting shame of the Charleston Daily Mail, they ran the picture, no doubt adding to the “Cult of Hiram” that exists only in Lewis’s mind…

Lewis suffers from the same syndrome as his political master, Kris Warner, former Chairman of the WV GOP. He has absolutely no self-awareness, no consciousness as to how he’s coming across when he speaks to the media. …

Time to get a real job, Hiram. Big time. You’ve provided many comic moments for us all, but it really is time to try out the capitalist work ethic instead of thinking that every word that falls from your mouth is truth. It isn’t.

— Sebastian Tutte
“Hiram Lewis: Back to Toadyville” (offline)
HuntingtonNews.Net, May 11, 2005

[T]his ‘nut job’ sent a campaign letter…

I don’t even know how to convey how off the wall this guys seems. …

• He doesn’t like any politician (especially Byrd) who hasn’t supported or even questioned the department of defense, the military in general or W.

• snippets of the letter have the words: Hitler, fancy taxpayer funded offices (one of which he wants), undermine’s [sic] troops, Bush has done an amazing job, WV loves Bush, blah blah blah

Then there are the GOP strong-holds, which you know are coming:

• Life is sacred (read: repeal Roe v Wade)

• Marriage is between one man and one woman (does this mean divorce should be illegal? or just remarrying after you divorce?)

• NRA (he endorses them 100%!)

I love how he ties himself so closely to Shrub, who just two days ago in a CNN poll fell even further to only a 30% approval rating. Way to know your base there, Hiram!

Blobby’s Blog, April 27, 2006

Lewis seems to prefer becoming the Pat Paulsen of West Virginia politics. Paulsen, however, had a sense of humor, entertained America, and knew that his multiple campaigns for President were just for fun.

— “Editorial: Hiram Lewis, Perennial Candidate” (offline)
HuntingtonNews.Net, May 31, 2007

Suggested Bible reading for Mr. Lewis:

Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth: for the Lord is a God of knowledge, and by him actions are weighed.

— 1 Samuel 2:3


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