Justice! Andrew Shirvell Ordered to Pay $4.5 Million for Defamation & Harrassment of Chris Armstrong

Andrew ShirvellAnd here Chris was willing to drop the lawsuit (and his token claim of $25,000) if Shirvell apologized.

In case you never had the chance to see the despicable filth Shirvell posted on his “Chris Armstrong Watch” blog, “A Concerned Parent and Citizen” was kind enough to capture the entire thing (save for a single post) and reproduce it in all its viciousness at “Andrew Shirvell Watch.”

And if you missed Shirvell, uh, outing himself as… whatever it is he is (heavens no, we’d never dream of suggesting that Andrew Shirvell is a self-loathing closet queen whose fanatical Christianity is just a mask for the raging homosexuality he’s trying desperately to suppress, but which is manifesting itself in an unhealthy obsession with a beautiful, young gay man, then do watch this most revealing interview with Anderson Cooper from 2010:

Now, enjoy today’s victory — and remember:

“Observed the eminent lawyer: ‘I hestitate not to pronounce, that every man who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client.’” — Henry Kett, 1814

Shirvell, who is representing himself, questioned himself on the witness stand for more than an hour this morning…

“Did you ever approach Mr. Armstrong?” he asked himself.

“No, I did not.”

“Did you ever contact Mr. Armstrong?”

“No, I did not.”

He also fought the defamation charge by saying that what he said on the blog was true.

“Mr. Shirvell, did you believe everything you wrote at the time was true?” he asked himself.

“Yes, I did. I still believe it is true.”

. . .

“My blog was political speech,” Shirvell testified. “I viewed my blog as a movement to get Mr. Armstrong to resign. I personally felt Mr. Armstrong was too radical for the position.” …

“The whole case is about politics. Every conservative Christian in the nation should be scared from this. This is the radical homosexual lobby trying to make an example out of me. Every conservative Christian in the nation should know that they are going to come after you if you object to their lifestyle, that they are going to crucify you in the public arena.”

[Chris Armstrong's attorney, Deborah Gordon] disputed that.

“Who is this radical homosexual lobby? Is it me?

“This man had to be held accountable. It was the wrong thing to do. He lives in a delusional world.

“There were some conservative Christians on the jury, and they spoke very forcefully about why they had to issue this judgment.”

— David Jesse
Andrew Shirvell testifies Chris Armstrong was pushing ‘radical homosexual agenda’
Detroit Free Press, August 15, 2012

Shirvell said he’s unemployed and “there’s no way I could possibly ever pay such a judgment.”

Gordon said the jury couldn’t make him apologize, so the money was the only answer.

“We needed him to retract the flat-out fabrications he had come up with about Chris,” she said. “Once he refused to take responsibility, we put it in the hands of the jury.”

— Jeff Karoub
Lawyer ordered to pay $4.5M to gay U-M student
AP, August 17, 2012

Shirvell, who represented himself, called the $4.5 million “grossly excessive” for what was “clearly protected speech … and activity.” …

We’re not lawyers or anything, but we’re pretty sure calling someone “Satan’s representative” and claiming they had gay sex orgies in their dorm room is playing fast and loose with “free speech.”

— Lester Brathwaite
Chris Armstrong Wins $4.5 Million Lawsuit Against Cyberbully Andrew Shirvell
Queerty, August 17, 2012

This is why you should learn to say you’re sorry. …

Those were some expensive blog posts, Andrew.

Best comment of the day:

Something tells me this isn’t the first time Andrew Shirvell has had to pay a gay man.

— Bill
Former Michigan Attorney Ordered to Pay $4.5M in Damages for Harassing Gay Student
John M. Becker, Truth Wins Out, August 17, 2012


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