The Hypocrisy Files: If Fundies Really Believed In God’s Laws…

Reprinted with the kind permission of Tracie Harris.


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10 Responses to “The Hypocrisy Files: If Fundies Really Believed In God’s Laws…”

  • Whoo hoo! says:

    Make room on the bench for Focus on Family & Pat Robertson’s hired bible bigot assassin James Henderson. He’s the big gun totin’ rabid anti-equal rights constitutional attorney, married with 8-children who was playing footsie with young teen boys who discovered who he was and outed his lecherous life for all to behold.

    Henderson’s boy toy’s photos, videos & chats:

  • “Exposing the Hypocrisy of the “Family Values” Crowd, One Right-Winger at a Time” makes no sense. It’s a logical fallacy because “the family values crowd” isn’t only a “right winger” group, or are you saying, admitting, that liberals and non-Christians have no family morals? You are, and so then you’re entire site is hypocritical being that you are bashing “right wingers” when they fail to be moral. It’s like a psychopath saying, “Hahaha Christian person who gets involved in politics, you failed to obey God this time” and in your case you pull out anyone who merely claims to be a Christian as an example, as if the psychopaths themselves never lie and always tell the truth. You are a very confused person and obviously filled with extreme hate. Why also do you target Christians who get involved in government, should they NOT participate? Aren’t at least half of American’s Christians? How stupid for you to want them to be silent when you find some absurd example of some supposed Christian doing something wrong (and wow, as if liberals, which fill the prisons and jails of America, never do wrong; are you’re insane?). The Bible by the way, if you hadn’t noticed yet, or keep forgetting teaches that those who God forgives are no longer seen as sinners of any kind, can you figure out why? Hint: evil people can’t stand before God. Hint 2: Who has better behavior, the Christians that he saved (and remember anonymous guy, that isn’t just anyone) or those who could care less about the commandments, including “love your neighbor as yourself” and “do to others as you would have them do to you”? You’re not clueless, because those things are obvious and common knowledge, you just don’t care about goodness and obviously are humiliated due to having lost obvious arguments like these. Websites like this only fool stupid people, and are like water off a duck’s back when it comes to genuine Christians, because it’s no better then saying, “Nanny nanny boo boo.” and everyone can see you could care less about the victims.

    • ConBab says:

      Have you gotten it all out of your system yet? ‘Cause, Danny Boy, now you are spamming. You do not want a discussion; you want to attack, attack, attack.

      We’re sick of you. Consider your commenting privileges revoked. Any more of this abuse from you, and we complain to your ISP. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

      You can say a silent prayer of thanks we didn’t even address a single point of your ridiculous attack. Again, say a silent prayer, as no more of your abuse will be seen here.

      Now, go away and complain on your own blog about all those horrible, evil liberals who dare to hold Christians up to the impossibly high standards they impose on everyone else.

  • Why do you put comments in moderation if you want to show how hypocritical Christians can be? Either you are terrified of spam, afraid of liberals showing themselves to be plainly evil/on the wrong side, or are afraid of Christians putting up an argument that will once again shame you. Or is it all of those?

    • ConBab says:

      The problem is hundreds of spam comments every single day. Obviously, we’re not afraid to show how hypocritical (or utterly stupid) Christians can be — we approved your ridiculous comments, didn’t we?

      Liberals = “plainly evil.” What a wonderful Christian you are!

  • Are you seriously trying to say Hitler was a Christian? “If Fundies really believe in God’s laws” Hitler who had sorcery practices allowed in his army was a Christian hah? Oh right: because he mentioned God as being in charge, and anyone who mentions God as being in charge and hating the Jews (and don’t u know Jesus was a white guy) is a Christian, and politicians never manipulate or lie, and Hitler never showed any signs of being a liar, or someone with narcissism disorder. Well, so much for anymore time being wasted on this absurd site. Oh and you’re right: Christians who believe in fundamentals never obey God’s commandments, nope, none, they all rape, steal, lie murder, commit homosexual acts in the open, dishonor their parents every day, where clothing saying, “I’m a rebel and hate God” have 666 on their foreheads and white is black and black is white and liberals are the ones obeying God’s commandments, they are the righteous ones who aren’t addicted to pleasure or sex and not getting drunk or high often or regularly, they are the ones, the liberals, who should be imitated. And white is black and black is white, it all makes sense now. Bye confusing guy.

    • ConBab says:

      That whoosh! you hear is the point flying 30,000 feet over your head. You’re not very bright, are you?

      In any case, you are the most homosexually-obsessed fussbudget we’ve heard from in weeks. Congratulations. Now, stop posting these ridiculous remarks before you make a complete fool of yourself.

      And FYI, honey-pie: Hitler was indeed a Christian. That’s not the point, but explaining it to you would be a complete waste of our time.

  • And I’m sure you really love the Jews…

    • ConBab says:

      A hell of a lot more than you love “the homosexuals”. (My, my, but you are obsessed with gay folk!)

      By the way, where did you get the idiotic idea that Islam “promotes bestiality and homosexuality”? Muslim fundamentalists would rather decapitate and/or stone to death gay people — something that should please you Calvinists beyond description.

  • Buffy says:


    1. Hitler was a Christian (Catholic, specifically), but even if he weren’t this comic would still be accurate as according to Christians all non-Christians and non-believers will burn in hell.

    2. WTF does the comic have to do with loving or not loving Jews?