Greg Peterson Suicides Out: Utah Mormon GOP Activist & Accused Serial Kidnapper & Rapist Puts Bullet in Head

Greg PetersonBackstory:

• “Greg Peterson: Utah Mormon GOP Activist Charged with Kidnapping, Beating & Raping Four Women in Cabin He Used for Political Fundraisers,” July 20, 2012

• “Three More Women Accuse Utah Mormon GOP Activist Greg Peterson of Sexual Assault,” July 28, 2012

Mitt Romney and Greg Peterson
Boy, we bet Mitt Romney sure doesn’t want these photos of himself palling around with accused serial rapist Greg Peterson to be reposted again. Ditto Marco Rubio and Mia Love, as well as— well, let’s just say more big-name Republicans than Carter’s got pills.

Our first reaction: Well, maybe he wanted to go out as a good conservative by saving taxpayers the cost of a trial and (likely) incarceration.

Seriously? Okay, seriously: He took the coward’s way out — and, worse, cheated his victims (sigh…! okay, alleged victims) out of any sense of justice or closure.

Not every suicide is a coward. Lots of people who kill themselves have very good reasons to do so. But not Gregory Nathan Peterson. He was just a coward.

That said, he’s a dead coward. Four days after being released from jail with an ankle monitor, he apparently blew his brains out inside the cabin where he was believed to have held — and raped, repeatedly — at least five women (whom he met at Mormon singles wards and on Mormon dating sites).

His lawyer, according to AP, says Peterson “always maintained his innocence, and we felt like he was excited to be out and to be able to work with us on preparing his case. Quite frankly, this is the last thing we expected.”

Well, then, why did he do it? “He worried he might not be able to overcome” media coverage of his arrest, sez the lawyer, adding: “As his legal team, we were very much looking forward to putting this case in front of a jury, and when a jury got to hear his side of the story, we definitely felt like an acquittal was a possibility. We’re frustrated that this is how it ended, and we’re sad that this is how it ended. I don’t know why Greg did what he did. Only he knows that.”

Whether or not he was a rapist (the divorced, ever-so-righteous Mormon Peterson didn’t deny having sex with the women; he considered it “consensual,” while the women obviously did not), we think one commenter at the Salt Lake Trib said it best (with such ineloquence, it is nearly inadvertent Haiku):

“shed no tears for Petersen,
he got to choose his fate,
his victims didn’t.”

All we know is that Greg Peterson won’t be getting his 72 virgins own planet and an endless supply of wives popping out an endless supply of spirit-babies. Rather, he’s floating around in Outer Darkness. Or, as we cultural Catholics like to think of it (thanks, Dante!), the Seventh Circle of Hell.

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• “Greg Peterson bail bondsman: ‘It’s not the ending we wanted’,” Pat Reavy, Deseret News, October 24, 2012 (We expect it certainly isn’t what the bondsman wanted, unless he can recover the $200,000 bond [on $2 million bail] he put up from Peterson’s estate. Which he probably will; there are provisions when the guy you bailed out of the jug offs himself. Oh, and before you start feeling sorry for Peterson or for any of his friends or fellow Teabaggers — who are blaming his check-out on “the media” — do read the comments on this article, and those on the Salt Lake Trib article, below.)

• “Greg Peterson’s victims moving on after his apparent suicide,” Jessica Miller, Salt Lake Tribune, October 25, 2012 (We hope that headline is correct, but we doubt it. Rape victims don’t just “move on” with a snap of the fingers — or the click of a trigger.)


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