Dear Dennis Fauchier: So, How’d That Prop H8 Donation Work Out For Ya?

We’re always grateful to right-wingers who save us a lot of time and trouble by broadcasting their hypocrisy for the world to see.

Take Dennis Fauchier of Los Banos, California, for example. He’s a devout Mormon who’s found a long-distance girlfriend through online dating, and seems pleased as punch to sit down for an interview about it with the Los Banos Enterprise.

He’s also divorced.

But here’s the real kicker: Before entering Splitsville, Population Two (six, if you count his kids), he donated a hundred bucks to Proposition 8, presumably in order to preserve (or is it protect?) his ever-so-traditional opposite-genital marriage by preventing loving gay couples from celebrating their legal nuptials. Or something like that. The myriad reasons for keeping anti-gay discrimination legal change from day to day. But that bit about “protecting” marriages like Fauchier’s from marriages like, oh, say, Ellen & Portia‘s (or Jim Nabors‘s, for that matter) is always among the top three — as is some malarkey about withholding marriage from gays so that those crazy, reckless heteros will be forced to stop having babies out of wedlock by accident. (Yeah, really — that’s, like, the major argument of the pro-Prop H8 lawyers. Yes, yes, we know — it does sound idiotic. That’s ’cause it is idiotic.)

That said, we have a few questions for the blushing, bespectacled romantic in Los Banos: How’d that Prop H8 donation work out for ya, Dennis? And for Glinel? And for those four kids you, uh, responsibly procreated within the confines of that one-man, one-woman thing? Did it do everything you’d hoped? Besides make your bishop happy and earn you extra points for that all-important temple recommend? (Oops, is that a sore subject now? Guess you and Shirlene won’t be tying the knot inside the temple, will you?) In any case, it didn’t exactly “preserve” your “traditional” marriage, did it?

Well, at least you still share one thing in common with your ex-mother-in-law. And your ex-sister-in-law. And, it looks like, your ex-brother-in-law.

Or has your attitude changed any in the five years since you helped destroy equal marriage for your fellow Californians?

Naaah… That’d be too much to hope for.


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