Black Collar Crime Round-Up: March 5, 2013

Bill Albaugh • David Keith Benson • Emilson Soares Corrâa • Crystal Dycus
Marukudiyil C. Velan • Michael Wilkerson • Unnamed pastor, Judah African Revival Mission Church

Bill AlbaughCharged: William Steven “Bill” Albaugh, 67, Roman Catholic deacon, St. Joseph Church, Fullerton, Nottingham (Baltimore County), Maryland, with one count of possession of child pornography, according to the Baltimore County Police Department, which reports: “Detectives began the investigation last month when Verizon Online notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that one of its subscribers had stored images of child pornography on the online ‘cloud’ storage system. … The investigation shows that Albaugh saved images of child pornography on his Verizon Online account and on thumb drives. There is no information that children at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church were victims. The investigation is ongoing.” Albaugh is currently free on $75,000 bond. Story: Baltimore County Police, March 1, 2013

A notice on the front page on the church website states in part: “Albaugh, a permanent deacon assigned to St. Joseph Church in Fullerton, was ordained in 1996 and has spent his entire ministry at St. Joseph. The [Archdiocese of Baltimore] immediately suspended Mr. Albaugh’s diaconal faculties prohibiting him from all public ministry. The Archdiocese is working with St. Joseph Parish to inform the parish community. Neither the parish nor the Archdiocese has received any prior allegations against Mr. Albaugh, who successfully fulfilled all of the child & youth protection requirements of the Archdiocese, including a criminal history screening. A meeting for parishioners and school families will take place in the Church Monday, March 4, at 7 p.m. Representatives of the Archdiocese will be present to answer questions and to offer guidance on how to discuss the subject with children for parents who wish to do so. … The Archdiocese encourages the supportive prayers of the faithful for the St. Joseph community and for Deacon Albaugh’s wife and family at this very difficult time.”

David Keith BensonRuled incompetent to stand trial: David Keith Benson, 76, Mormon “priest” and “home and family class” teacher, Washington City, Utah, charged with the first-degree murder of his wife, Madelin Adelaide Law Benson, also 76. The morning of October 31, 2012, Madelin Benson was found dead in the kitchen of the couple’s home, apparently bludgeoned to death with a hammer. The Bensons were the parents of six sons, grandparents of 27 and great-grandparents of three. AP reported: “Officers reported that Benson repeatedly told them he didn’t know why he did it. They said Benson was having continual thoughts of killing himself and others.” Benson has been committed to Utah State Hospital. Story: St. George News, October 31, 2012; AP, November 2, 2012; St. George News, November 5, 2012; AP, February 27, 2013

Emilson Soares CorreaUnder investigation: Emilson Soares Corrâa, 56, Roman Catholic priest, Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário e São Benedito, Cubango, Brazil, following allegations he sexually abused three young girls in his parish, two of them sisters and a third as young as seven. reports: “According to statements made at the Niterói Police Special Assistance to Women, Emilson Soares Corrâa also had sex with another minor, his goddaughter” — whom the priest also baptized — “and sister of another victim, since she was 13. … In the petition sent to the police station, Emilson confessed to having sex with the older of the two sisters, but only after she turned 18. According to the text, he ‘felt emotionally involved’ with the girl.” The Archdiocese of Niterói has announced that Corrâa was temporarily suspended from ministerial duties in November, 2012. Story:, February 26, 2013; Arquidiocese de Niterói, February 26, 2013

Crystal DycusAccused: Crystal Dycus, 30, treasurer, Douglas Chapel United Methodist Church, Gallatin, Tennessee, of stealing $165,000 from church accounts, which she allegedly spent on personal expenses, including gasoline, restaurants, tanning salons, and even her own wedding. Story: WKRN, February 16, 2013; WSMV, February 16, 2013

United StatesIndicted, new charges added: Marukudiyil C. Velan, a.k.a. Velanmarukudiyil J. Christudas, a.k.a. “Father Chris,” 64, Roman Catholic priest, Church of the Visitation, Brick Township, New Jersey. Originally charged with one count each of sexual misconduct involving an adult, sexual misconduct involving a minor and endangering the welfare of a child, Velan, reports the Point Pleasant Patch, “has been indicted on those allegations, as well as in two additional incidents — one of which includes a third victim,” for a total of seven counts. Velan is currently free on $100,000 bail. Story: Conservative Babylon, July 19, 2012; Point Pleasant Patch, February 28, 2013

Michael WilkersonConvicted: Michael Wilkerson, 47, pastor, New Millennium Life Restoration Fellowship, Phoenixville and Spring City, Pennsylvania, and Denise Haines, 43, mortgage broker, American Group Mortgage Corporation, “of engaging in a scheme to defraud JP Morgan Chase’s predecessor, Chase Manhattan Bank, by fraudulently obtaining home loans valued at more than $6 million,” reports the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Wilkerson, Haines, Wilkerson’s wife Joyce Wilkerson, and real estate broker Lee Garell scammed at least six “recruits” as “straw” buyers of homes. “After settlement on the homes, Michael Wilkerson took possession of all of the homes, rented at least two of them and lived in another. He paid the mortgages with the proceeds from the fraudulent mortgage transactions and with rental income for approximately six months and then told the ‘straw’ purchasers that they had to pay the mortgages. This last act led to the loans falling into default and then foreclosure, resulting in a loss of approximately $3 million.”

Wilkerson is scheduled for a sentencing hearing June 3, 2013, and Haines for June 17, 2013. “Each faces a maximum possible sentence of 180 years in prison, five years’ supervised release, a fine of up to $6 million, and a $600 special assessment.” Garrell and Joyce Wilkerson, both of whom have already pleaded guilty to their roles in the scheme, are also scheduled for sentencing hearings; he on April 30, 2013, and she on May 6, 2013. Story: U.S. Attorney’s Office, February 26, 2013

South AfricaCharged: Unnamed pastor, 32, Judah African Revival Mission Church, Kya Sand, Johannesburg, South Africa, with “allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl five times,” according to, which reports: “He is alleged to have lured her into his bed by telling her that he was sick and that sex with her would cure him. … According to the [girl's] mother, the pastor had become a family friend and often visited them at their house. The girl used to call him ‘daddy’, and she considered him a father figure before the rapes, said the mother.” Story:, February 27, 2013


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