From Texas: Address Your Son’s Homosexuality By “Whoopin’” Him, Preferably with an Electrical Cord

Facepalm JesusWe are so repulsed by this story, we can’t even comment. All we can do is give you our transcript of the audio interview with Erica Moore provided by (and warn abuse survivors to turn away now — major triggers ahead):

“My cousin at the time, he was 18, my son was 15, and I had walked in the room on him, um, um, givin’ oral sex to my son, and, um, I started whoopin’ my son, and — and as a result of me whoopin’ him, I’m the one got in trouble as a result of me whoopin’ him. The fire … police department told me that it was consensual. But they was commitin’ a homosexual act in my house, and you know, we totally against it.

“So I whooped my son and, like, three or four months later, um, they came and arrest me, for abuse, uh, they arrest me for assault, uh, assault on somethin’, domestic violence assault or somethin’.

“So I’m dealin’ with that issue [unintelligible] whippin’ my son. But, CPS had got involved in it because my son had — my mama had took my son to the hospital, and she had to go to the hospital that night because I had, uh, took him to her house that night to get him outta my house ’cause I didn’t wanna look at him, ’cause I was just so angry with him at the time. But, she had took him to the hospital ’cause she had seen, like, a little blood on his boxers, so she thought that my cousin had winged [?] him doin’ anal.

“So, anyway, she took him to the hospital … and they seen the whoops on his arm, um, that’s when the police came over here.

“Even that day, when the police officer came out here, he — he told me, outta his own mouth, ‘If it was me, and I walked in on my child,’ he said, ‘parent to parent, I woulda shot ‘im — I probably woulda shot both of ‘em.’ He said, ‘But with the law, you not allowed to put whoops on ‘em. You can whoop ‘em, but you not allowed to leave any marks on ‘em.’”

In an update, reports: “Chief Dan Dennis with the Forest Hill Police Department spoke with CBSDFW Thursday evening, defending his officer. ‘Miss Moore’s statement of the officer’s alleged inappropriate comments are simply untrue. The conversation was recorded. The officer’s conduct was entirely professional. The Forest Hill Police Department does not discriminate against any citizen based on sexual orientation.”

Oh, and If Miss Moore can’t remember what charge has been leveled against her (“assault, uh, assault on somethin’, domestic violence assault or somethin’”), it is “assault with bodily injury to a family member.”


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