The Teabagger and the Tea: Anti-Weed NY Assemblyman Steve Katz Busted for – You Guessed It – Weed

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We swear we did not go looking for War-On-Drugs hypocrites today — they’re just popping up right and… well, actually, only on the Right. As soon as we finished telling you about Lake Forest city council member Peter Herzog, a real hard-ass on medical marijuana, who was busted on a DUI charge, up popped Steve Katz.

Katz is a Republican New York Assemblyman who sits on the state’s Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (at least, for now), and who voted against a 2012 bill to legalize medical marijuana.

Marihuana: Weed with Roots in HellOn March 14th, reports the New York State Police (who seem to be stuck in the 1930s, spelling “marijuana” with an “H”), Katz was cited at 10:00 in the morning “for the violation of Unlawful Possession of Marihuana” after stopping him for going lickety-split up I-87. “After noting the odor of marihuana, a New York State Trooper found Katz in possession of a small bag of marihuana. Mr. Katz was released on an appearance ticket to appear in the Town of Coeymans Court on March 28th.”

But, wait! There’s more! A veterinarian in private practice (he owns the swank Bronx Veterinary Center), Katz was forced last year to explain, as Joe Coscarelli put it, “why he put a dead German Shephard in a dumpster and was accused of assaulting a Chihuahua.”

(The former, he told City & State, started out in his trunk — where it began “to ooze on my daughter’s Barbie doll collection” — and the latter, he said, was simply “the meanest dog you’ve ever seen.”) Arrested in each incident, Katz was let off the hook both times. (Mused Coscarelli: “Katz’s explanations sound more than acceptable, but the stories, in all of their absurdity, are not likely to stop coming up — just ask Mitt Romney.”)

That wasn’t the end of Katz’s veterinary-related troubles; in 2012, the state dissolved his corporation because he failed to file tax returns for two years.

And then there was the big, fat tax lien resulting from his own “unpaid income taxes, interest and penalties from 1985, 1986 and 1987.”

Meanwhile, he let his vet license expire. He finally renewed the license, but as of March 15, 2013, the official record for Bronx Veterinary Center P.C. reads: “Current Entity Status: INACTIVE – Dissolution by Proclamation / Annulment of Authority (Jan 25, 2012).”

That must mean being a New York state assemblyman is a meaningless position: “Our community has been stricken with an increase in drug use and drunk driving by our youngest citizens. This comes from a lack of jobs and volunteer opportunities. I’m working with many groups to get these kids off the streets and into meaningful positions.” — Steve Katz campaign flyer. Click for source.

But, wait! There’s more! reported last year:

Assemblyman Steve Katz, R-Yorktown, Westchester County, has compared Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to Joe Paterno’s cover-up of Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse, but Katz himself fought, and later settled, a sexual-harassment case against him and his animal hospital. Gannett’s Albany Bureau reported today that in 2002, a former female employee at Katz’s Bronx veterinary office sued Katz and his business after she claimed a co-worker sexually harassed her and that Katz didn’t investigate. She was fired a month after she brought her concerns to Katz, court papers said.

The case was settled for about $105,000 in 2006 after Katz, of Yorktown, tried to dismiss the lawsuit, the records showed.

Geez! Anything else? Yep — he’s a bona fide Teabagger.

Figures. Yep.

Oh, and here’s the video we promised:


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